As you believe that you can create ANYTHING, you will achieve beyond your imagination. It is your imagination and your words that create your future.  It is possible to program your WORDS, thoughts and feelings into new forms and creations all the time, advancing always to new and higher levels.  It is important to become aware that it will take NEW WORDS, and NEW KINDS OF THOUGHTS TO CREATE NEW PATTERNS.  


Allow the universe to design your creations with you as the universe can do this in a most incredible way. Have no fear - the universe knows about opportunity that you may be unaware of and the universe knows how to create everything in harmony with the natural events which are already happening.  Trust the universe to do this.  You will always create more than you already have created.


This web site is a simple reminder of the Universal Principle of Co-Creation that is always present. Simply... whatever you talk about in your life, whatever it is that you give attention to... you eventually CREATE.  Your words create your future.


As you remember this secret of the universe, you can pay attention to what you are saying all the time and MAKE SURE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT... rather than what you don't want.


Whatever you COMPLAIN about GROWS. Whatever you CRITISIZE OR JUDGE in your thoughts, feelings and WORDS GROWS.  NOW, is that what you want? 


All that you want can be yours.  Your word is a COMMAND. It is a vibration in tone which creates.

It is time to let go of any ILLUSIONS, FEAR, WORRY, TENSION, AND STRUGGLES, which keep you away from getting what you want.


Commit now to a language of POWER and CREATION.  Talk about SOLUTIONS to problems, COMPASSION for those you do not like, GRATITUDE for what you DO have, FORGIVENESS for things that hurt you, POWER instead of victimhood. Then miraculously, problems actually resolve, people you do not like seem to go away or change, you receive more than you had before and you live a life of power as a master manifestor.

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