Secret of the Universe: What I talk about becomes my future reality... Did you know this?
Secret of the Universe:  Whatever I keep in my mind eventually comes to pass... Did you know?
The Universe is ENERGY 

Quantum Physics teaches us that the universe is energy and information. This includes ourselves, as we are part of the universe. So, everything is really energy and information. Energy can be measured, photographed, felt, seen, touched and sensed. Energy has SUBSTANCE; it can be CREATED or DIMINISHED. Your THOUGHTS and WORDS ARE ENERGY, and they create whatever you think and TALK about through the power of the thought, or the focus of the thought. This is why you manifest whatever you keep in your mind.You will create whatever you give your attention to. This is why we want to focus and give attention to what you desire in your life. ATTENTION gives ENERGY to what you are focusing on. INTENTION FOLLOWED BY YOUR WORDS is the part of the mathematical equation which is responsible for YOUR FUTURE. THE LAW OF MANIFESTATION is as precise as SCIENCE and MATHEMATICS.

WEAR your WORDS by




What Are You Giving Attention To?

Whatever you give attention to in your life will grow stronger. Whatever you take your attention away from in your life will disappear. In order to manifest what you desire, your body must be free from tension, worry and energy blockages. As you focus on your desires in a relaxed way through meditation, writing, speaking, and dreaming, you begin to attract like energy from the field of energy in the universe which are ALL POSSIBILITIES. In other words, THE ENERGY FROM THE UNIVERSE IS INFLUENCED by your thoughts and words - and by the power of your focusing. Because your body is also energy and information, you are not separated from the rest of the universal energy and information. In this way, you can attract energy consciously. Then, things begin to happen! Actually, you have at your command the whole world of SOLID OBJECTS, but you may not have known how this works. The Universe will arrange the solid objects, situations and people in your life to come together to MATCH your intentions and words in some way.

Your Thoughts And Words Are Creating 

Your thoughts are EXPANDING all the time. THOUGHT is the CREATOR. YOUR WORDS move ENERGY. THOUGHT IS THE HIGHEST PLACE OF BEING. All your thoughts, words, and actions are imprinted in your soul. There is a record there from all time. Everything you think, say and do are constantly influenced by this recording which could be joyful or painful. Your body holds these imprints. Your cells and tissues have a memory of everything that has ever happened to you in your life beginning with your conception. It is important to clear out any imprints which give you the impression that you are not worthy, that you are not intelligent, creative, beautiful, or important. It is important to implant new ideas which say that you are UNIQUE, SPECIAL, WONDERFUL, TALENTED AND CAN CREATE ANYTHING. Whatever is stored in your body, in your soul, in your ways of thinking and being will come to pass.

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